How Adventurous Is the London Paris Train?

The London Paris train is the high speed train service connecting London and Paris. The most advanced train of the world, it will simply take you under the sea through the famous Channel Tunnel. This is one of the main reasons for most to take the London Paris train. You will love the luxurious surroundings of the channel, though the journey is only about 20 minutes because the train travels at an amazing speed of 186 mph.

Eurostar is definitely the best train to go for. This London Paris train will offer you a better experience than the plane journey, which will be a night mare. The super-fast connection between London’s St. Pancras International Station to Gare du Nord Station- right in the heart of Paris has been beneficial in ways more than one. The train from London to Paris will offer you a better deal and an economic price than the air flights. This is in fact gaining popularity and holiday makers are taking this opportunity to make the most of their holidays.

The fares of the London Paris train will include the price of the ticket and the seat reservation. In case of the First Class and the Business Premier, meals are included and the service is completely non-smoking. Eurostar is definitely the best and the popular choice for anyone traveling from London to Paris. The London Paris train also provides better food and the metal cutlery is mention worthy. You will also get half a bottle of complimentary wine. Besides all this, the most important factors is the extremely less time taken for the travel. You will take only 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Paris from London. What more can you ask for.

But the London Paris train has a trick that you too can follow to get the best price for the ticket. If you plan to travel to Paris during the weekends for a leisure trip to Europe take advantage of the leisure fares. You can book your tickets in the reverse to take advantage especially if you are coming from Paris and notice a huge difference in price. The London Paris train will offer you excellent sightseeing scope all through the beautiful countryside. It will be a feast for your eyes and more convenient than flying. The train will take you through the typical English countryside in Kent to the lovely green pastures of France.

London Paris train fares are from £59 return on the second class and the first class fare is £149 for a round trip. The trains ply at an hour interval and are thus more convenient than the air flights. Some of the trains also stop at Ebfleet International, Ashford International and Lille to pick up passengers. Moreover the trains have a good record of time keeping and in 90% of the cases the trains arrive on time. And thus if you are taking the train for business purposes you can be sure that time will be kept.

The train from London to Paris has proved to be a boon for all and has become so preferred amongst the people that it has successfully captured more than 70% of the airlines market. What people look forward to is the Channel Tunnel journey which is simply exotic. The tickets can be booked online and thus you can do that from the comfort of your home. London Paris train also gives away some last minute deals and you can make the best of those as well. This will bring down the cost of your journey. All you have to do is to reach the station 30 minutes before departure and simply get ready to explore.