Police Panel Interview Questions and Answers – Practice Questions and Answers For the Oral Exam

The police panel interview is a tough interview session which includes some really tough questions. In order to get into the department that you want to be in, you must do well on your interview. To help you prepare for the oral interview, I have a couple of sample questions for you.

Question #1: You are on traffic duty and are sitting on a median with your radar gun. A car goes by and they are traveling 25 miles over the speed limit. You turn on your lights and pull the car over, initiating a traffic stop. As you approach the car, you realize that the driver is your girlfriend. What do you do?

Well, the answer to this question is tough, and one that you will most likely hear during the oral exam. The panel wants the truth, but how to put the truth is the key. The best way to answer this question is by saying that you would not give her a ticket, but would let her off with a warning and explain to her that she has put you in a very awkward situation and tell her that you hope she will not do it again. Your honesty will go a long way, because most officers would do the same thing.

Question #2: While still in your training phase, you hear your training officer call someone a racial slur while on duty. What would you do?

This is a tough one, as your training officer is who you report to. The correct way to answer this one is to tell the panel that you would discuss this with your training officer in private and make sure that what you heard was correct. If it was correct, then you would go to his supervisor and report him.

As you can see, both of these questions are tough, but with the right answers, you will be able to ace the oral part of your exam, while never having to actually deal with either of these issues during your tenure as a cop.